Industrial process pumps

Industrial Pumps


Industrial process pumps are commonly used to transfer chemicals from a tank to train, truck, barges or coasters. These pumps are mostly build with a API seal plan or Magnetically driven coupling,  in stainless-steel and with a frequency drive.

Our canned chemical pumps are hydraulic driven and submerged. This Stainless-steal pump can be fitted with all types of chemical resistant parts. Due to the canned and submerged pump an expensive “API sealplan” is therefore no needed because there are no emission points to the open air.

Our pumps are fitted with a dry leak detection system that separates the product from the hydraulic fluid to prevent contamination. This leak detection system can be a pressurized N2 flush or open system which detects a leak.

The pumps are hydraulically driven and all pumps can be connected to one powerpack that are build with the power of the maximum amount of simultaneously running of pumps. This is more cost effective due to less installed power, smaller pump foundation and of course smaller sub stations. 

The hole system can be connected to the terminal control and automation system to run and control the pump system.

The flowrates are from 10 till 600 m3h in several pump ranges and the can is built According PED regulations.

We can always redesign our product transfer pump systems to your requirements! We are a pump distributor and designer in one.  Our pumps can be used for chemical processing as well as other industrial tasks. Chemical pumping is just 1 of the many applications our pumps are used in. Sometimes our pump is referred to as a centrifugal pump.

Our Process Pumps are shipped worldwide! 

We not only deliver all of our pumps to your doorstep, we also provide the best service by installing them for you!  

Or visit us on one of the many world renowned industrial-pump exhibitions.


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This brand new product transfer pump system is a proven concept and is the best solution for all your product pump issues. Simple, low in maintenance and very easy to install.

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Our team has a hand-on approach with a clear vision and high performing team to meet all expectations from our customers. This team speaks the language for terminals as well as the contractor. 


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Our high performing team will take care of the complete project with the focus on minimize downtime and costs but still with high quality and safety awareness.

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