Product Transfer Pump

Revolutionary product pump:

Pumps are in general critical pieces of equipment, which are expensive, with high maintenance and operational costs. Tank Revolution’s pump division designed a revolutionary hydraulic driven submerged product transfer pump for tank terminals, offering more reliability and cost-efficiency in most situations.


Old School (pumps outside the tank bund)

Our Tank Revolution Pump System (the pumps inside the tankbund)

This pumping system exists out of a hydraulic power pack for powering multiple pumps, hydraulic piping and valves, multiple canned pumps and a control system. The pump can be placed in the tank pit near the tank to shorten the suction and circulating piping. All pumps can be connected to one power pack for the maximum required amount of simultaneously running pumps.

Tank Revolution (canned hydraulic pump next to the tank)

The Hydraulic Driven Pump System Consists Of: 

– One energy efficient and redundant hydraulic power pack unit for multiple pumps for maximum amount of simultaneous running amount of pumps according the latest technology and standards.

  • Electrical efficient motors
  • Hydraulic pumps and tanks
  • Coolers to control the hydraulic fluids
  • Temperature control on hydraulic lines
  • Control system
  • Frequency drives or Soft starters (optional)
  • Containerized (optional)

– Leak free long distance hydraulic connection between powerpack and pumps up to 500meters to connect powerpack with all pumps

– Canned submerged hydraulic driven centrifugal pump

  • Flow/pressure
  • Running dry
  • Automated stripping system
  • Seal leak detection system
  • N2 seal flush or spare liquid (option detection levels or pressure)
  • Dry run protection (level switch)
  • Can be used for stripping
  • Bleeding pump for automated stripping (option)
  • Control system for each pump

    – Low installed power and optimal power consumption
    – Standalone automation system for powerpack and pumps protection to control, protect and operate the system local or remote
    – Connection to DCS for remote operating and monitoring
    – Emergency powerpack connection (optional)

    The entire system will be designed and build to the client’s requirements.
    The pump can be used for product transfer, sludge dissolving, mixing or heating and has considerable advantages when compared to conventional pumps. Some of these advantages are:


    Advantages for users such as oil and chemical Storage facilities:

    – Maintenance:

      • Less spare parts
      • Easy to replace so less downtime
      • Less maintenance on pumps and powerpack
      • Less Atex inspections
      • Global support

    – Operations:

      • One pump for multiple actions (vessel, train/truck, stripping)
      • Easy to operate due to automated system
      • Automated stripping possibility 
      • Easy to flush the vessel( can be automated)
      • Simplified manifold

    – HSE:

      • No open running parts
      • No leak points due to canned submerged pump
      • No Emissions
      • No explosion risk due to no leak points or emissions
      • Less noise due to noise reducing case over powerpack and submerged pumps

    – Finance:

      • Cost savings on Capex and Opex, average of 50%
      • Less electrical consumption

    – Commerce:

      • Less downtime
      • Highly reliable and flexible system

    Advantages when system is used including mixing/blending:

    • Less buildup of sludge/water 
    • Less degradation of tank bottom because of water-under-product
    • Short mixing time
    • Energy efficient 
    • No mechanical mixers needed
    • Fast and easy to install

    Project CAPEX Cost savings up to 50% due to this pump system:

    – Piping:

      • Less piping for mixing due to pump installation next to the tank . 
      • Less complex suction/discharge manifolds required
      • Less steel constructions
      • Shorter suction line

    – Electrical

      • No frequency drive needed
      • Less electrical cables and instruments
      • Less switchgear for motors
      • Less electrical consumption
      • Less installed power
      • Less tracing on piping

    – Concrete:

      • No concrete pump slab needed outside the tank bund for pumps and manifold
      • Smaller electrical building 

    – Constructions

      • Less steel constructions
      • Less electrical supports

    OPEX Cost savings up to 70% due to this pump system:

    – Less maintenance on pumps
    – Less spare part costs
    – Less equipment
    – Less down time due to proven highly reliable pump
    – Fast and easy installation of spare pump
    – No inspections on frequency drives
    – Less inspections on motors
    – Less cost on seals and API sealplan systems
    – Less costs for pump revisions

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    Available in the following countries, but not restricted to:




    • Germany

    • France

    • Spain

    • Netherlands

    • Denmark

    • Belgium

    • Italy

    And many more…



    • China

    • Japan

    • South Korea

    • Indonesia

    • Australia

    • India

    • New Zealand

    • Phillipines

    And many more…

    Middle East:


    • Qatar

    • Kuwait

    • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    • Saudi Arabia

    • Bahrain

    • Israel

    And many more…


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