Project Management for tank storage terminals

Project Management

Many tank storage terminals or revamp rojects are built in a traditional way. But proven concepts don’t always deliver the best technology or solutions. Changes are needed due to new and stricter regulations issued by governments worldwide, emission control, energy usage and public opinion.

The time for change is now

Tank Revolution’s team is highly experienced in project and construction management, operations and maintenance of tank storage terminals that our team will apply in your project. Divergent thinking and always looking for innovations to implement in terminal design, will make your terminal sustainable and competitive. 

Tank Revolution translates your idea into a terminal that is built following the latest standards and innovations. By using these innovations in your design, we can build the terminal of the future.

Owners and Engineers speak a different language

The current market creates a large gap between client, engineering and construction companies that often results in late-stage changes during the execution phase due to scope changes or flaws. This causes cost overrun and delay in the start-up date. 

Design and build projects

We have a proven strategy for Project Management that is new to this business. It reduces budget, time and risks. By working with committed preferred contractors, quality, service and customer satisfaction will be guaranteed. The involvement from partners at an early stage of the project, results in a high commitment to the budget, planning and execution phase.


Due to the all-round terminal experience of Tank Revolution, its technical consultants will assist you in any project stage, from study to handover, operations and maintenance. 


Tank Revolution offers you ONE partner for the total scope of work for total tank turn around, revamp and pump projects , which reduces the  turnaround time by working as a “one-stop-shop”, applying innovative equipment and work methods. Tank Revolution takes over the  work area on a temporary basis, will manage all the contractors which results in a reduction of downtime  and costs while offering higher levels of quality and safety.


Proud to service


Revolutionary pump system

This brand new product transfer pump system is a proven concept and is the best solution for all your product pump issues. Simple, low in maintenance and very easy to install.

Project management

Our team has a hand-on approach with a clear vision and high performing team to meet all expectations from our customers. This team speaks the language for terminals as well as the contractor. 


One-stop shop

Our high performing team will take care of the complete project with the focus on minimize downtime and costs but still with high quality and safety awareness.

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