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This is one of our partners and suppliers for pumps and powerpacks.



Holland Special Pumps is privately owned and was established in 1980. They are one of the biggest pump builders in Europa for special situations and high capacities. Very fast delivery time, custom made and designed and very high quality are in their main focus. This is the main reason that we work with them as a partner in all our pump systems.

They specialize in large pump systems such as hydraulic systems with diesel or electrical driven power packs. These systems has been used for pumping chemicals, mineral oils, sludge with stones and rocks, high capacities of water in explosive surrounding.

All their systems are used all over the world in on- and offshore industries, emergency situations such as skimming oil of the golf during the Iran-Iraq war, Cooling water pumps for the nuclear powerplant in Hiroshima, all according
international standards.

Their focus is to deliver solutions, not products for special needs.



Proud to service


Revolutionary pump system

This brand new product transfer pump system is a proven concept and is the best solution for all your product pump issues. Simple, low in maintenance and very easy to install.

Project management

Our team has a hand-on approach with a clear vision and high performing team to meet all expectations from our customers. This team speaks the language for terminals as well as the contractor. 


One-stop shop

Our high performing team will take care of the complete project with the focus on minimize downtime and costs but still with high quality and safety awareness.

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